McGovern gives update on COVID-19 cases and additional measures taken in SCSD#1


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Tyler Johnson, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (January 22, 2021) – On Friday, Sweetwater County School District No. 1 Superintendent Kelly McGovern sent students, families and staff members an update of the COVID-19 situation within the district.

Look below to see the full breakdown and steps the school district is doing to prevent significant spikes in cases.

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Hello Sweetwater Number One Families,

We want to keep our families and staff members informed on the COVID situation but also recognize that information can seem overwhelming at times. So, we find ourselves balancing the situation.

The District COVID numbers have decreased over the past several weeks. With this great news, we are sharing the information on the positive cases in the table below. If there is a spike or any health concerns, information will come promptly. Thank you to our staff, families, and students for continuing to practice preventative measures to keep our schools open for in-person learning. 

December 14 – 18, 2020 December 21 – 22, 2020 January 4 – 8, 2021 January 11 – 15, 2021 January 18 – 22, 2021
Northpark Elementary: 2 students

Sage Elementary: 2 students

Pilot Butte Elementary: 2 students

Farson-Eden School: 1 student

Eastside Elementary: 1 student

Walnut Elementary: 1 staff member

Eastside Elementary: 1 student

Rock Springs Junior High: 1 student

Black Butte High School: 2 students

Eastside Elementary: 1 student

Sage Elementary: 1 student

Rock Springs High School: 4 students and 1 staff member

Rock Springs Junior High: 2 students and 1 staff member

Northpark Elementary: 1 student and 1 staff member

Westridge Elementary: 4 students

Sage Elementary: 2 students
Northpark Elementary: 1 student
Eastside Elementary: 1 staff member and 1 student
Rock Springs High School: 6 students
Pilot Butte Elementary: 2 students
Stagecoach Elementary: 1 student

RSHS: 1 staff member and 2 students

Desert View: 1 student

Pilot Butte Elementary: 3 students

Total for December 14 – 18, 2020

8 students

1 staff

Total for December 21 – 22, 2020

4 students

Total for January 4 – 8, 2021 

13 students

3 staff

Total for January 11 – 15, 2021

12 students
1 staff

Total for January 18 – 22, 2021

7 students

1 staff


Currently Sweetwater School District Number One has 10 employees out for COVID related reasons.

Here are some additional measures we’ve taken to keep schools as safe as possible through the use of grant funds:

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  • We have improved air quality by following ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.
  • Ionizers were installed in all schools and building air handler units (AHUs). Ionizers positively charge particles in the air. These particles surround the protein spikes on the COVID-19 virus rendering them ineffective. This process increases the size of the virus so it can be picked up by the higher efficiency filters, which makes it effective in removing dust, pollen, bacteria, germs and viruses.
  • In schools where the rooms are tempered with convection units, we have installed portable ionizers.
  • All nurse rooms have been equipped with negative air machines.
  • UVC lighting is currently being installed and should be completed by the end of January. This step helps to disinfect the air by killing bacteria, germs, and viruses by altering the DNA. 
  • Air filters (MERV 13 filters) were installed in all AHUs throughout the District.
  • Added a full time day person for disinfecting the restroom and high contact areas during the day.
  • Every school is outfitted with electrostatic sprayers and foggers.
  • District employees are currently given the option to be vaccinated. 

Sweetwater School District Number One Nurses continue to work closely with Public Health and are the designee in sending out quarantine papers and information to District staff and students who are considered close contacts. A close contact can occur due to a student or staff member not wearing a mask properly (both students and staff have to be wearing a mask properly), a situation where a shield had to be used, or no mask worn at all (such as students leaving for lunch at the High School level or while participating in a sporting event) when within 6 feet of another individual for a cumulative time of 15 minutes over a 24 hour period. The District monitors and corrects individuals not wearing masks properly as that can cause others to be quarantined.

We ask that everyone please continue to practice preventative measures such as good handwashing, practicing social distancing, when social distancing can not occur, wear a mask, and avoid large gatherings. This continued effort has assisted in the drastic decrease of those affected.

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