Murder Trial Continues; Surviving Victim Identifies Fairbourn As Attacker


A woman who survived a knife attack in Rock Springs in 2016 testified at trial today.

Linda Natalia Arce testified for the prosecution in the trial of Bradley Fairbourn, age 20, of Draper, Utah.

Fairbourn is charged with Murder in the First Degree for the death of Naisha Story and with Attempted Murder in the First Degree for the stabbing of Arce.

Arce identified Fairbourn as the man who stabbed her and killed Story during the early morning hours of June 23, 2016.

She told the court that she and Story were working providing “body rubs” and massages at the Quality Inn in Rock Springs when Fairbourn arranged to meet with them. She said Fairbourn first came to their room with no money and said he was going to get cash from his vehicle before returning and attacking the women with a knife.

Arce suffered a stab wound to her chest as well as knife wounds on her eye and hands.

She admitted that her work included body rubs with potential “happy endings” if the customer tipped an additional amount. She said she believed her work to be illegal, and that was why she lied about the reason she was in Rock Springs. Arce initially told investigators that she was in Rock Springs to purchase fireworks and spend time with friends. She said she lied at first because she was worried that she would get into legal trouble for solicitation.

Christopher Crayton also testified today, and his testimony will continue tomorrow. Crayton is Arce’s boyfriend who saw Fairbourn running from the scene and got into a physical altercation when he attempted to stop him from leaving.

Crayton said he knew that the women were providing body rubs with potential additional services for an increased cost.

He said he was called by Arce after she escaped the room during the attack. He testified that he was staying at My Place, a nearby hotel, when he received the call. Because there was little traffic at the time and he sped to the scene, he said he was able to arrive quickly and see Fairbourn running away.

Joseph Paul Lovato also testified during the trial. Lovato was Story’s boyfriend and the father of their baby, who was around eight-months-old at the time. Lovato testified that he was at My Place with Crayton when Arce called for help, but he stayed behind with the baby as Crayton rushed to get to the Quality Inn. Lovato testified that he knew that the two women were at the Quality Inn working and he was aware of the services they provide.

Testimony today also included a couple who attempted to help Story after the attack, an employee of the Quality Inn, a responding deputy from the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office, and a local firefighter who witnessed part of the altercation between Fairbourn and Crayton.

Testimony will continue tomorrow as the Defense questions Crayton.

A defense witness is also expected to testify tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts.

The trial is scheduled to last through next week.