My Takes with Tom Ellis looks at emergency services at the hospital


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Tomorrow, “Insights” talks with Kim White, recently appointed Director of Emergency Services at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

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Perhaps the most visible of all services provided by Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is the ER. Most likely the one part of the hospital that we are all more likely in which to find ourselves, due to an accident or healthcare emergency. Emergency Services is a popular subject for television drama, possibly because of the drama which takes place. It makes for great entertainment.

This is the point where hospital personnel directly interact with the public, sometimes in critical life or death situations. That being the case, it’s not unusual for members of the public to come away with less than positive memories.

Kim White and her staff have accepted the challenge to accomplish a mission performed in the pressure cooker of immediate response to sometimes life-threatening situations. Experience, training and established protocols come together to provide an efficient, life-saving facility and service.

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Join us tomorrow for our conversation with Kim White, Director of Emergency Service at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County


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