New Bronco. Zion National Park. A trip I’ll never forget


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Tyler Johnson, [email protected]

Some days are just better than the rest. They stand out and you’ll remember them for the rest of your life. Well, last Saturday, I had one of those days.

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I drove down to Cedar City, Utah, in my old beat up GMC truck that Friday evening. I was getting ready to purchase my new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport. I was so ecstatic driving down that I may have hit the mid-90s on my speedometer.

It was just me and my dog, and I was beyond ready to pick up my new adventure vehicle.

Back in the fall, I reserved the Bronco and customized it so that it was exactly what I wanted.

We got to Cedar City and checked into our hotel room. It was late in the night and I was exhausted from the six-hour drive, but I was too excited to sleep.

You see, I had been driving the same truck for nearly a decade. It wasn’t a 4WD, the radio didn’t work, it was beat up on the inside and outside. I really did leave my mark on that truck and I was ready to get into something brand-spankin’ new.

Like I said, I was too excited to sleep and the TV in my hotel room didn’t work so I really just sat there for several hours while I waited for the dealership to open at 9 a.m.

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I got to the dealership right when the doors opened and was ready to spend the next four hours there as I had never witnessed an experience at a dealership that wasn’t drawn out. However, the process was easy and pleasant.

I’ve had ongoing conversations with the dealer there and he knew I was coming to pick up my new ride. For the most part, the paperwork was ready when I got there. I signed countless papers and was out of the dealership in less than two hours. It was a great experience.

It wasn’t long after I left the dealership that my dog and I took the new whip down to Zion National Park to break it in. It wasn’t far away, probably an hour trip.

We got there and WOW. It was a sight to see.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one with the bright idea to enjoy the day at Zion because the park was packed with people. It was tough to find a place to pull over and park so we could do some hiking around. So, we stuck to the main drag and observed the beautiful scenery.

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While we were driving around, I noticed a lot of people turn their heads to check out my new ride. Needless to say, my ego grew a little bit. But I was proud of my new purchase. It was and has been everything that I had hoped it would be.

I’ve lived in Wyoming for about 18 months now and never had a 4WD, which is something that I quickly learned was a necessity here. Now, I finally have it. I’m prepared for the long haul and I can’t wait to see where the road takes me in my Bronco.

Last Saturday was a day I’ll never forget. I felt like a kid that just got a new toy.

Now, every story does have its downfall, unfortunately.

We drove back last Sunday. Again, it was a six-hour trip. We made it all the way to Green River and just a couple miles toward Rock Springs, the smallest pebble chipped my windshield.

I was furious.

When I told my family down in Texas about it, my little brother sarcastically replied, “So, you broke it in?”

Well, I did. But it was a trip that I’ll never forget.

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