Opinion: Writer questions journalist on why they are not asking questions


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Submitted By Ned Crabb, Dubois, Wyoming

Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for reading this,

A few questions for the journalists:

-Why is there almost no coverage of the VAERS data? Over 19,000 deaths and 30,000 permanent disabilities from the experimental vaccines deserve to be covered.

-Why are the benefits of treatments such as hydroxychloroquine + zinc, ivermectin, and other protocols being largely ignored when they have an almost 100% effectiveness against the virus?

-Why are we pushing an experimental vaccine on healthy people for a virus that more than 99.7% who get it survive it? Especially now that we know you can contract and spread the virus to others even after you’ve been fully vaccinated?

-Why are we vaccinating children? They are not really at any risk of dying from Covid.

-Why are we still pushing the ineffective use of masking and quarantine? All we have to do is look at how Sweden dealt with this virus from the start. If we had followed their lead we would have stopped talking about Covid a year ago.

-Why are we not differentiating between deaths “from” Covid and deaths “with” Covid? Is a heart attack death with Covid really a Covid death? Before 2020, someone who died of a heart attack and happened to have the flu didn’t die from the flu.

-Why are we not talking about the finances behind the experimental vaccines?

-Why are the pharmaceutical companies not liable for damages from their products?

There are many more questions.

We are being lied to on an unprecedented scale, and we need to get together as a society and fix this. This is not political. Our country’s future is at stake.

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There are thousands of links covering this. The data is out there. We need to start to seek out the truth and report it.

Thank you for your time,

Ned Crabb