Happy Fathers Day To All


The other day while listening to my hunting playlist, a song came up that I enjoy very much. The song I am talking about is Mossy Oak by Tracy Byrd. The song talks about a boy and his experiences hunting with his dad and how his dad challenges him to never let the tradition of hunting and fishing die. This song got me thinking about my own dad, as well as some of the other men in my life who have had a great impact in teaching me about the outdoors.

I have learned many things from my dad Andy Mann. Some of the fondest memories I have in the outdoors come from being with him. One of the funniest moments came when we were deer hunting near Farson and I awoke at 3 in the morning to what sounded like a bear outside the tent, well as it turns out it was just him snoring.

There are two other great individuals in my life that I have learned many great things from as well when it comes to the outdoors. These two are my uncles David and Lynn. The three of them have all taught me valuable lessons. Whether it’s how to be patient in the duck blind while the ducks make their way back around, that the bulls are always the last to come down the trail so don’t get too trigger happy, or the importance of a sharp knife while out in the field. These men have taught me many important and valuable lessons.
I hope to one day have many of the same experiences me and my dad have had with my own kids. It is important to not let the tradition of hunting and fishing die. Being out in the outdoors brings families closer together.


Be sure to spend time with your dad and your kids in the outdoors, you will never regret it.


To my dad and all the dads out there, Happy Fathers Day.


“I’m Tyler Mann, and I’ll see you on the trail.”