The Weekend Fishing Report



With today being free fishing day throughout the state, I felt it would be a good idea to give you the latest fishing report for the area. Good luck this weekend and remember to always stay safe.

Flaming Gorge

Surface Temp: 48-50


Kokanee Salmon–  Fishing has picked up as temps get closer to the 50s, but when located, some Kokanee are being caught while vertical jigging with spoons and also by trolling close to the surface with squiddies.

Rainbow Trout- Great fishing.  In the Canyon, fishing is good along the shore using bait or casting small jigs and spinners. Marabou jigs (Zig Jigs) in earth tone colors are a good otioin in shallow or deep water.  IIf fishing from a boat, try casting jigs near creek inlets and shallow points.  If fishing from shore, cast parallel to the shoreline, let the bait sink some, and slowly retrieve with occasional jigging strokes.  When you catch one, there are likely more.  Trolling can be productive near the surface (10-20 ft) using pop gear and a worm, spoons, or even small crankbaits.  Pinch down barbs for quick release.

Lake Trout-  Fair to Good fishing.  There have been a number of large fish caught recently.  With the water temps continuing to stay cooler fish are being found at many different depths.  A number of larger fish have been eating rainbows in shallower waters.  Fish may be easily located suspended above the bottom using a sonar or fish finder.  Try dropping a white or glow-n the-dark tube jig or jigging spoon, tipped with sucker/chub meat.  Gulp minnows also work well.  Also try trolling crankbaits behind planer boards near the shoreline, early and late in the day.

 Smallmouth Bass– Fishing is still slow, but some of the larger bass have started showing up in preparation for building nests.

Burbot- Fair Fishing.  Few reports since the ice started retreating.  Boaterscan still look for burbot on rocky points and shorelines in 10-40 ft of water.  The best activity will be found at night using glow-in-the-dark lures like Yamamoto grubs, Radical Glow tubes,  Maniac Cutterbugs, and Northland Buckshot spoons.  Tip the lure with sucker/chub meat, recharge glow frequently, and jug the presentation a couple inches from the bottom.

Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam

Flows: 6600 Steady,  careful with the high water.  Experienced rowers only!

Hatches: few Midges, Blue Winged Olives, a few more cicadas have been spotted.

Dry Flies-  Blue Winged Olives have become consistent each day.  Fish have been reluctant to rise on bright sunny days.  With the high water fish remain podded up. Dry fly fishing has been good with BWO duns and cripples.

Nymph Fishing- Fish have started to key on scuds in the mornings.  Scuds are an olive/gray color and in the 18-22 range. In the afternoon BWO nymphs (#18) and emergers have been extremely effective.  Note, that with the high water, heavier rigs are a necessity when fishing from a boat.  Wade fishermen should look for suspended fish in back eddies.

Streamer Fishing has remained productive.  Black and Ginger have become go to colors.  Fish slow and deep through big seams and back eddies.


“I’m Tyler Mann, and I’ll see you on the trail.”