Pinning ceremony for newly promoted Captain Brad Halter held at Green River City Council meeting


Group Photo: Back Row Left to Right — Council members Sherry Bushman, Robert Berg, Mike Shutran, and Ron Williams.  Font Row Left to Right — Council member Gary Killpack, Chief Shaun Sturlaugson, Halter, Jessica Halter (Wife), kids Jeremyah, Nathanyl, Trysten, and Shyann.

Wyo4News staff, [email protected]

February 21, 2024 — Sargent Brad Halter has been promoted to Captain of the Green River Police Department, and to celebrate his promotion, the official pinning ceremony, where Halter received his Captain Bars, took place at Tuesday’s Green River City Council meeting. Halter has been a member of the Green River Police Department since 2006.

According to Shaun Sturlaugson, Green River’s Chief of Police, “Brad has worn several hats during the time he has worked for the Green River PD. He’s an FTO, he was our Intoxication Meter instructor, and a K-9 Handler for years. What Brad is primarily known for, though, is his investigation of DUIs and his passing on knowledge of that subject. Brad has been our DUI Officer of the Year 14 times since he’s been at the Green River Police Department. He takes that so seriously that he has taught at the police academy for many years, passing on his knowledge of that subject to hundreds of officers throughout the state to help them become better investigators as well.”

The pinning ceremony was performed by his two sons, Jeremyah on the left, and Trysten on the right.

Sturlaugson went on to talk about Halter’s dedication to his job, how passionate he is about what he does, how much he cares about the people in his department, and how his leadership skills are second to none. The pinning ceremony was then performed by his two sons, Jeremyah and Trysten.