Private boat hits courtesy camping dock that was removed from its anchor



Wyo4News Staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

MANILA, UTAH — On May 24, 2023, a private boat navigating the Flaming Gorge Reservoir at night hit a courtesy camping dock that someone had released from its’ anchor system and left to float in the reservoir.

Bryan Wilson, District Ranger on the Flaming Gorge Ranger District stated, “This is a very real safety issue! This behavior of removing courtesy docks from their anchors is putting people at risk of injury and causing damage to boats.”

Louis J Haynes, Forest Public Affairs Officer stated, “In this case, the boat involved sustained significant damage and luckily no one was injured. If It happens again, they may not be so lucky.”

The maintenance crew on Flaming Gorge Reservoir places courtesy docks in specific areas to provide a safe place, out of the main channel for boaters to recreate. The removal of the anchor system from courtesy docks and leaving them to float endangers others recreating on Flaming Gorge Reservoir and places them in areas unknown to our maintenance crew.


The maintenance crew on Flaming Gorge Reservoir maintains 58 courtesy docks and 95 buoys.  Disconnecting courtesy docks from their anchor system to move them not only increases the workload on forest staff but creates major safety issues when at the end of their use people leave them to free float in Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

If you see people removing the anchor system from courtesy docks, please report them immediately to our office at 435-781-5260. If possible, take photos of the boat involved in the removal of the anchor lines.