Project to preserve and enhance the Green River’s oldest tree canopy


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May 23, 2024 — Wyo4News

The City of Green River Parks and Recreation Department will embark on a project to preserve and enhance the city’s oldest tree canopy on the north side. The City was awarded $89,122 in grant funding through the Inflation Reduction Act, granted by the United States Forest Service. The Wyoming State Forestry Division (WSFD) passes those funds through to the city. The total project will cost $92,714, with the City of Green River contributing $3,592.

Project Details

Green River Parks and Recreation Director Katie Duncombe says the city’s primary goal is to conduct a comprehensive survey and update the inventory of the existing tree canopy on the north side of Green River. The focus will be on pruning/removal and replacement of trees that are in dire need of care.

“We have determined that the age of the trees in question average 50 years, with some estimated to be over 80 years old, stated Duncombe. “We plan to engage the services of a Certified Arborist with the necessary tree risk assessment certification, and this professional assessment will guide the city’s efforts in identifying and prioritizing areas requiring immediate attention.”

According to information released by the City of Green River, upon completion of the assessment and GIS inventory, an external contractor will be hired to prune and remove trees posing risks to the community and the area. The Arborist’s expertise will guide the prioritization of locations, ensuring a strategic and efficient approach. Duncombe added, “Simultaneously, we aim to replace removed trees with climate-ready species, maintaining Green River’s status as a lush oasis in the desert.”

The comprehensive plan for tree pruning, removal, and planting initiatives will include Centennial Park, Green River City Hall, Flaming Gorge Way, Evers Park, Expedition Island, Riverview Cemetery, and the Green River Visitors Center. The project’s anticipated completion is slated for September 2025.