Prospectors: Laird, Blue, Lednicky

Wyo4news Photo Left Lednicky, Right Laird

Carly Eversole, [email protected]

Jeremiah Laird – Defenseman

Age: 19

Hometown: Arvada, Colorado

Favorite Music: Just about anything

Favorite Movie: Anything Adam Sandler

Off the ice: Frisbee golf

Laird comes to Wyoming from neighboring Colorado after finishing up a varsity season with Stanley Lake High School.  Laird has been playing hockey since about three years of age. He hopes to further his hockey career by playing collegiate either at MSU Denver or the University of Northern Colorado before going to the NHL. 

Choosing to come to play for the Prospectors was a decision Laird made because a player can be in the league until they are 20 giving them a few more years of extra play. “Playing with the prospectors has been a great experience.  I’m really happy here, I love the team atmosphere.  Our captains are some pretty nice guys.  I’m planning on coming back next year as long as I get offered.”  Said Laird when asked about what playing for the Prospectors meant to him.


Dawson Blue – Forward

Age: 19

Hometown: North Richland Hills, Texas

Favorite Music: Anything, Blue has recently begun collecting vinyl records

Favorite movie: The new Batman was pretty good, but his favorite hockey movie is Goon

Favorite Food: Mom’s enchiladas

Off the ice: Staying in touch with friends back home, video games, improving his jump shot in basketball

Blue has been playing hockey for nine or ten years and plans to continue to college playing hockey while pursuing a degree in either media and broadcasting or psychology degree.  Blue was already in the USPHL league for two years before he was added to the Prospector’s roster through a trade. 

Because Blue is only 19 he could return to the Prospectors next year he says “honestly I would come back next year.  It’s a great community and a great program that these guys have going on so I would be more than happy to come back next year.

One of Blue’s best memories from his hockey career is when he played on a team with some players from Japan, opening him to a new culture.  Blue holds that experience in very high regard. 


Max Lednicky – Goalie

Age: 18

Hometown:  Martin, Slovakia

Favorite movie: a variety of movies, doesn’t have one in particular

Favorite music: popular American country, but also rap or pop just whatever strikes his mood

Favorite food: National Slovakian dish (dumplings with cheese and bacon in them) and schnitzel

Off the ice: playing sports like tennis, soccer, American football

Lednicky has been playing hockey since he was about six years old in his home country of Slovakia.  According to Lednicky hockey could be the number one sport in the country as far as popularity due in part to the nation’s success in the 2022 Olympics winning the bronze medal, along with the recent addition of Slovakian players in the NHL.  Lednicky’s own team in Slovakia last year ended up third in the nation which gave him great pride.

Lednicky would like to go to college through hockey before eventually ending up in the NHL.  His journey to the prospectors came from his agent telling him about the opportunity to play for a couple of junior teams. He chose Rock Springs because he likes the community, the team, and the players and is happy he ended up in Wyoming, which he also said is MUCH colder than it is in Slovakia this time of year.