Results From Day Two Of The 24th Annual Flaming Gorge Classic/Saturday Schedule


Day two of the 24th Annual Flaming Gorge Classic is complete, and exciting basketball action continued in both Green River and Rock Springs. Results from day two, and schedule for Saturday, December 15th can be found below:

Friday, December 14th Results

Green River High School

Grace, ID 64 Lyman 35

Bear Lake, ID 53 Jackson 46  (Girls)

Rich County, UT 51 Riverton 44

Mountain View 73 Grace, ID 61

Thunder Basin 56 Green River 47

Lyman 66 Green River 48  (Girls)




Rock Springs High School

Bear Lake, ID 50 Pinedale 32

Rawlins 47 Evanston 39

Rock Springs 54 Rawlins 40  (Girls)

Ben Lomond, UT 66 Rock Springs 55


Lincoln Middle School (Green River)

Pinedale 53 Riverton 52  (Girls)

Thunder Basin 65 Jackson 42

Evanston 51 Riverton 40   (Girls)

Mountain View 65 Jackson 26  (Girls)

Jackson 87 Westside, ID 83


Saturday, December 15th Schedule

Green River High School

Jackson vs Bear Lake, ID 11:20 am

Rawlins vs Bear Lake, ID 1:00 pm  (Girls)

Ben Lomond, UT vs Green River 2:40 pm

Green River vs Mountain View 4:20 pm  (Girls)



Rock Springs High School

Lyman vs Jackson 11:20 am  (Girls)

Riverton vs Rawlins 1:00 pm

Rock Springs vs Thunder Basin 2:40 pm

Rock Springs vs Pinedale 4:20 pm  (Girls)


Lincoln Middle School (Green River)

Mountain View vs Rich County, UT 9:40 am

Evanston vs Pinedale 11:20 am  (Girls)

Evanston vs Westside, ID 1:00 pm

Lyman vs Pinedale 2:40 pm

Riverton vs Lyman 4:20 pm  (Girls)