RFP process questions continue during RS City Council


Wyo4News Staff, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (September 1, 2020) — Questions regarding the RFP process for the Bitter Creek Project continued this evening during a regularly scheduled Rock Springs City Council meeting tonight, September 1.

This topic was also discussed during the August 19 Council meeting. 

Questions began when Councilman Rob Zotti asked Director of Engineering & Operations Paul Kauchich about the deadline of the use of funds for the project.

Zotti claimed to have contacted D.E.Q and A.M.L Administrator Allen Edwards, asking about specific deadlines for funds and discovered that the deadlines were not as originally stated by Kauchich.

“I think the [RFP] process is still not where we need it to be,” Zotti said. “I would like to see it [Bitter Creek Project] on hold so that we can look and see into this process and know for sure that what we are doing is the right thing.”


This led to a discussion between Councilors and Mayor Kaumo about editing the RFP process to make it more transparent.

Mayor Kaumo responded by asking Councilor Zotti which part of the process he was not comfortable with, to which Zotti responded, “Well, the whole thing on how we got here, basically.”

“As a City, we really need to do the best we can to avoid anything or any conflict, or any appearance of conflict,” Zotti said. “That’s all my concern is and what I want to avoid.”

Wyo4News will continue to post updates for the RFP Process as information becomes available.