River Bank Project at Scott’s Bottom making progress


Photo Courtesy of 495Films

Emma Marsing, [email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — Trout Unlimited’s River Bank Stabilization Project has officially kicked off with crews making substantial progress over the past week. The total length of phase one of this project is set to take three to four weeks to complete.

The Stabilization Project is set to address over 2,000 feet of the riverbank using tree logs and rocks. By strategically placing the logs and rocks along the riverbed these materials will serve to reduce streambank erosion and improve the instream fish habitat.

According to the press release sent by Seedskadee Chapter #533 of Trout Unlimited, “Streambank restoration techniques will be applied to address the erosion issues that have been accruing at the site. The project will address this and slow the erosion process at this location. This is phase one of two phases of bank stabilization that will take place near the Scott’s Bottom bridge. Phase two is planned for next year upstream of the bridge”.

At this time, crews are working on a restoration tool called toewood which is the placement of the tree logs along the toe of the bank. These tree logs help create a great fish habitat while also stabilizing the riverbank.

Further updates and information can be found on the Seedskadee Chapter #533 of Trout Unlimited Facebook Page or by contacting Nick Walrath at [email protected].