River Bank Project set to begin construction next week



Wyo4News Staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — The Green River Bank Stabilization Project at Scott’s Bottom will break ground the first week of April. The project will take an estimated 3 – 4 weeks to construct.

It will address 2,000 feet of riverbank downstream of the Scott’s Bottom bridge. The project will use the trees and rocks that have been staged in the area over the past year to reduce streambank erosion and improve instream fish habitat. Large equipment will be used to place and move materials.

Streambank restoration techniques will be applied to address the erosion issues that have been accruing at the site. The project will address this and slow the erosion process at this location. This is phase one of two phases of bank stabilization that will take place near the Scott’s Bottom bridge. Phase two is planned for next year upstream of the bridge.

Trout Unlimited is collaborating with the City of Green River, The Greenbelt Task Force, and many other partners to complete the project. The parking lot south of the bridge will be closed during construction.

This information was supplied to the City of Green River by Nick Walrath with the local Trout Unlimited. Questions can be emailed to Nick at [email protected].