Rock Springs Chamber looking for “Rock Star” nominees


July 14, 2023 — The Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce is currently taking nominations for their third annual Rock Star Awards. The awards will be presented on November 3, but nominations recognizing top businesses and individuals will end on July 31. Voting for those nominated will begin on August 31.

Any current member of the Rock Spring Chamber may nominate any business that is also a Chamber member. According to a Rock Spring Chamber press release, “All nominations and all votes will be received electronically, or you may call into the Chamber and cast your vote. Nominated businesses must meet the voting criteria.” Electronic nominations can be done at

2023 Rock Star Categories:

Entrepreneur Award – This will be awarded to a business that has opened within the last five years and will meet the following criteria: (1) The ability to create a business concept and implement it effectively. (2) Demonstrate leadership with focus and strength of character with unwavering integrity. (3) Drive business success by going beyond developing an idea and continually generating new ideas, and pivoting when necessary. (4) Leverage energies and resources to give back to the community.
Small Business Award – A small business that makes a big impact on Rock Springs and Sweetwater County. Must have no more than ten employees and has demonstrated an ability to succeed and encourage success for the whole community.
Enterprise Award – One of our big businesses that employs over 100 people and contributes to leadership, environmental impact, community involvement, advocacy, and economic development.

Business of the Year Award – This nominee is viewed as a business leader in the community and has demonstrated excellence in business operations, including (1) Financial Management, (2) Environmental Practices, (3) Customer Service, (4) Best Practices, and (5) Pivoting skills.
Excellence in Customer Service Award – This will be given to an organization that consistently demonstrates a high level of commitment to customer service and satisfaction over a prolonged period of time with an impact on sales. The business owner empowers staff to provide solutions to problems and offers consistently high levels of service.
Community Involvement Award – This award will be given to a company that has demonstrated outstanding leadership in community service through organized programs involving employee and management engagement – the organization will have an established reputation for a high level of involvement in community support projects, internal social responsibility programs and has demonstrated participation at the community level with both employees and management in community projects and fundraising efforts.