Rock Springs City Council Approves $33 Million Budget


The Rock Springs City Council recently approved a budget of over $33 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

During their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, the City Council approved a budget of $33,187,879.28. This is over a million dollars lower than last year’s budget of $34,284,425.92.

The city anticipates $5,417,890.11 to be available on July 1, 2017 with $27,173,151.84 coming from anticipated revenue throughout the fiscal year. If needed, the city can transfer $596,837.33 from operational reserve. According to Rock Springs Director Of Administrative Services, Lisa Tarufelli, “It is rare for the city to pull from its reserves.”

During budget workshops over the past year, city officials challenged department heads to think of ways to cut costs and increase revenue.

During these discussions, members from the Parks and Recreation Department considered eliminating nine holes from the golf course, cutting the Fourth of July fireworks display, and increasing the rates at both the Family Recreation Center and Civic Center. The group agreed to raise facility rates and eliminate fireworks. Talk of eliminating nine holes at the golf course was tabled.

When it came to the fireworks, the department heads felt it was not a necessity to hold a display at a time when other programs were being cut. The money that would have been spent on fireworks was dispersed throughout all city departments for items such as employee wages.

Click here to see the budget for the City of Rock Springs for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.