Rock Springs City Council/Events Complex Discuss Issues

Wednesday night, the Rock Springs City Council met in a special meeting concerning issues with the Sweetwater Events Complex. Wyo4News Photo

Rock Springs, WY (7/11/19) – Last night the Rock Springs City Council held a special meeting at City Hall. The meeting was attended by members of the Sweetwater County Events Complex Board of Directors, management of the Events Complex, a representative of the Sweetwater County Commission, representatives of city and county law enforcement, as well as concerned citizens.

Council members present were Keaton West, Billy Shalata, Glenise Wendorf,  David Halter, Mayor Tim Kaumo and Rob Zotti who joined the meeting via telephone.

Issue #1: City-Owned RV Sites At The Events Complex

In Mayor Tim Kaumo’s opening statement, he recalled the history of the City and the Events Complex dealings regarding RV sites at the Events Complex. The mayor stated the City owns approximately 460 of the 1,200 RV sites. The Event Complex controls the remainder of the sites.


The conversation turned on several points of interest including the Events Complex tax status as it relates to sales and lodging tax for use of the RV sites. The council was assured that the matter was under study by the Wyoming State Department of Revenue and that a resolution to those questions would be forthcoming.

Issue #2: Memorandums of Understanding with the Events Complex

Also in his opening statement, Kaumo referred to Memorandums of Understanding which had been drafted and modified over the past several years. His concern was that the final draft had only recently been returned and had not yet been presented to the city council for approval.

Larry Lloyd, Executive Director of the Events Complex, explained that due to the necessity of having both County and State entities review and approve the document, following its receipt 30 days earlier, it had taken until June 6 to return it to the City. After that time Lloyd said that the Events Complex was waiting to hear further from the City.

Kaumo expressed his concern that the agreement had been received on the same day that a large convention of RV enthusiasts had arrived at the Events Complex. The mayor went on to declare that the agreement would be considered at the next regular Council meeting.

Issue #3: RV Site Insurance

Another area of concern centered on insurance for the facility. The Events Complex has provided a waiver to the City, which it has been agreed, indemnifies the City for the purposes of the city-owned RV sites.

Issue #4: Payment for City-Owned RV Sites At The Events Complex

Another issue was a request from the City for an amount to be paid to the City for the use of the RV sites on city property during events. After discussion, it was suggested that the City could receive the revenue from city-sponsored events and the Events Complex would receive the revenue from their events. A discussion on that subject will be included at the next regular city council meeting.


Issue #5: Malt Beverage Permits for the Sweetwater County Fair

The final issue of contention was the issuance of malt beverage permits for the Sweetwater County Fair and the conditions under which those permits would be issued.

The Events Complex representatives voiced concerns that some of the requested stipulations would hinder the enjoyment of fair attendees. Rock Springs Police Chief Dwayne Pacheco expressed the need for effective law enforcement in the control of underage persons.

It was also noted communications between the Events Complex and law enforcement have been inadequate. It was suggested meetings take place, with all involved parties, well in advance of the Sweetwater County Fair and other large events.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm with assurances that the parties would resolve issues of contention with individual meetings and inclusion on the agenda at the next council meeting.