Rock Springs City Council Tables One Ordinance, Approves Another


During their regularly scheduled meeting tonight, members of the Rock Springs City Council voted to table Ordinance 2018-04 on the third reading and approved ordinance 2018-05, also on its third reading.

Ordinance 2018-04 is an ordinance amending Section 1-604(c) of the Ordinances of the city of Rock Springs which is entitled “Adopting the Personnel Policies and Procedures relating to the city of Rock Springs Employees”.

During the meeting, a total of 12 amendments were brought forward by council members, all of which pertained to the language of the ordinance. The new amendments will be reviewed and a new document will be drafted with the new language amendments and the council will revote on the ordinance during the May 1st, 2018 meeting.

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The Council also voted and approved ordinance 2018-05, also on its third reading. Ordinance 2018-05 is an ordinance creating Article 3-544 of the Ordinances of the City of Rock Springs, Wyoming entitled “Prohibited Sale of Commercially Bred Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits in Pet Stores, Retail Businesses, and Other Commercial Establishments.”

During the comment period of the reading, Councilor Zotti spoke against the ordinance stating that he felt the ordinance would not stop people from “emotional buying of pets” and that he in no way sees how this will save the city animal control any money. Zotti also said that he felt it was hypocritical of the city to pass an ordinance prohibiting commercially bred dogs, cats, and rabbits while allowing the sale of commercially bred hamsters and snakes and other similar small pets.

The ordinance passed seven to one. Councilor Armstrong was not in attendance.