Rock Springs High School to host haunted house

A Rock Springs High student in a costume ready to scare! (Wyo4News Photo/ JJ Weaver)

By Dylan Rohrer,

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (Oct. 23, 2019) — Looking to get spooked before Halloween? Rock Springs High School will host a haunted house over the weekend and into next week, perfect for your pre-Halloween spook needs.

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The haunted house will be open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25 and Saturday, Oct. 26.  It will then reopen from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28 and Tuesday, Oct. 29 .

This year’s haunted house theme is based on the popular horror book series “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.”

The price of general admission will be $6 for an individual. You can also buy an $8 express pass, which will get you to the front of the line. You can then run through again the same night for only $3 more.

This haunted house is not recommended for children under the age of 13, but it will be allowed with parental supervision.

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Rock Springs high school respectfully asks that patrons of the haunted house do not touch the actors.

Rock Springs high school assures that actors have been instructed not to touch the patrons.

A description of the rules of the haunted house (Wyo4News Photo/JJ Weaver)

This haunted house is made up of 110 students from the Rock Springs High School theater program. It also features a student stage manager, Emma Rubeck.

Pic from left to right, front row, Monzerath Vallez, Lucy Lowell, Montserrat Aguilar, Valerie Sleight, Destiny Britton, Kaylee Hodges, Allison Murray, back row, Andrew Hunt, Sam Boren, Hope Giles, Catie Spann, Mikayla Shauers, Damaris Ruiz, Kylie Mortensen, Lily Garcia (Wyo4News Photo/JJ Weaver)

According to members of the Rock Springs high school haunted house, this event took about three weeks to come to fruition.

This haunted house features 17 different rooms, all with a different theme related to “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.”

A Rock Springs high school student dressed and ready to scare! (Wyo4News photo/JJ Weaver)

Proceeds of the haunted house will go to fund state drama, as well as to assist the Rock Springs theater department with shows throughout the year.

A Rock Springs high school student dressed and ready to scare! (Wyo4News photo/JJ Weaver)

Below are the names of all the students who participated in the creation of the Rock Springs 2019 Haunted House:

Tour Guides :

Sam Smith

Destiny Britton

Damaris Ruiz

Catie Spann

Mikayla Shauers

Lucy Lowell

Valerie Sleight

Andrew Hunt

Kylie Mortensen

Hope Giles

Scary Stories Haunted House Rooms:



Kindra Brown

Eliza Lowell

Savannah Cheney

Bailey Limiric

Brooklyn Norwick

Davan French

Lucas Johnson

Landyn Story

Madison Witte

Chase Spicher

Jessica R



Ericka Campbell


Carmen Oretega

Tasha Seppie

Emma Zanetti

Gabriel Garcia

Samantha Hallett

Jermiah Jensen

Madison Blake


Anika Ramsey

Jordan Smothers

Devon Skinner

Ashlynn Guffey

Hayden O’Toole

Johntel Peasley

Yascara Torres

Cadence Ranger

Reanna Morrey

Angel Ventura

Adrianna Corbett

Kylie Ainge

Emily Strand

Haille May

Kellie Webb

Anna Miller

Jojo Turner

Emily Christie

Lacie Myers



Emily DeBernardi

Emery Harmon

Luchian Gillen

Elizabeth McCoy

Breanna Quickden

Haylee Hembree

Jalakia Lucas

Abby Kettering

Lillie Devree

Aidrianna Riddle

Kaitlynn Grant

Adley Robbins

Addison Menniger

Rikki Mortensen

Cheyenne Carr


Ava Milburn

Jena Trujillo

Payton Bauman

Kenidee Fullmer

Elise Hansen

Skylynn Harmon

Savannah Montoya

Sabre Lester

Alaina Koethe

Ally Fisk

Jaden Bennett

Melissa Gallegos

Clara Luzmore

Ivie Schaechterle

Wyatt Combs

Justus Virgil

Wendy Reynoso

Samantha Rosales


Adriane Bernard

Chase Williamson

Darrian Sherwood

Karla Jurado

Ani Nieblas

Hailee Victorio


Natasha Johnson


Allison Murray

Lily Garcia

Sam Boren

Montserrat Aguilar

Monzerrath Vallez

Alex Riley

Kaylee Hodges

Stage Crew:

Position Name:

Stage Manager:  Emma Rubeck

Asst. Stage Manager: Jaden Tijerina

Asst. Stage Manager: Jaden Weber

Security: Joe Adkins

Security: Jake Canistrini

House Manager: Gage Bridges

Sound Op: Mckasey Shantel

Light Op: Madison Pankowski

Bounce Back Sales: Aidrian Viehyra

Door Operator: Garrett Melvin

Ticket Taker: Codejay Pacheco

Ticket Sales: Mikayleigh Zancanella

Ticket Sales: Cadence Alldrege

Makeup: Dan Fretwell

Makeup: Cassandra Morley

Strobe Operator: Kyonna Black

Fog Operator: Lizzie Wooden

Fog Operator: Louis Mars

SFX operator: Brent Lemon

View the Wyo4News RSHS Haunted House Walk-through below:

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