Rock Springs Independent Paranormal: Connecting To The Other Side


When it comes to connecting with those who have come before us in Sweetwater County, there is one group locally with the mission to do the best they can to make that connection. That group is Rock Springs Independent Paranormal.

Two members from Wyo4News were recently invited to join this group of very dedicated professionals on one of their investigations to the abandoned coal mining town of Winton.

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During the investigation, we were able to get a first hand experience into the truly unexplainable. From the sudden drop in temperatures, hearing voices of people who were not present, feeling an unseen presence leaning on our shoulders, seeing lights appear that were similar to those the miners wore, and hearing trains and church bells are among the odd happenings throughout the night.

With the use of night vision cameras, EVP meters, thermometers, EMF meters and other forms of specialized equipment, we were able to capture some images of what may be paranormal.

Having such a dedicated group of individuals here locally made this a once in a lifetime experience.

The group is lead by investigator Tony Hills. He has investigated the paranormal for over a decade, volunteering his time and putting together a team to investigate ghostly reports.

Hills began his ghost hunting adventures after purchasing a camera with night vision at a garage sale over ten years ago. Since that day, Hills has acquired more equipment such has audio recorders, video cameras, and EMF meters.

The group works to find alternative explanations for strange happenings, uneasy feelings, or other experiences often associated with the paranormal.


“Most of the time me and my investigators try to debunk anything. Especially if it’s a residential place—just to try and help more than anything,” said Hills in a previous interview. “We go in very scientifically. Even though we all sort of believe it, we try to disprove over anything else.”

Now whether or not you believe in the paranormal, one thing is for sure, what we were able to experience while on the investigation in Winton was, to us, truly unexplainable and while uneasy at times, very enjoyable.

Thank you again Rock Springs Independent Paranormal for inviting us on this investigation.

The group can be found on Facebook at Rock Springs Independent Paranormal.