Rock Springs Independent Paranormal: The Real Ghost Busters


One of the first things that comes to someone’s mind when thinking about Halloween is Haunted Houses. For some its the fun, walkthrough ones similar to those put on recently by Rock Springs and Green River High Schools. For others, its going into an actual “Haunted House” to connect with those who are haunting the building.

When it comes to connecting with those who have come before us in Sweetwater County, there is one group locally with the mission to do the best they can to make that connection. That group is Rock Springs Independent Paranormal.


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Wyo4News recently sat down with one of the co-owners, Lauren Velez, and asked her just a few questions to find out what it was like to connect with those who haunt the Slovenski Dom in downtown Rock Springs. 

With the overall investigation, what was the experience like while in the Dom? The Slovenski Dom was amazing! The current owner, John Partain, took the time to show us some artifacts inside the building. For example, in the ticket booth the cash register drawer is made of an old cigar box and is original to the building. Down stairs is a cash register that is an antique, also original to the building. John has said that he hasn’t had any spiritual activity in the building but we’ve had many people recount encounters.

Were you able to make contact with any individuals while on the investigation? Before entering a building we research the location for its history, deaths, tragedies, and celebrations. The Dom has so much we could barely sift through it all and are still trying to compile a comprehensive file for the current owner. There were many funerals and weddings held there. 

During the investigation it was fairly quiet. We decided to play some music specific to the area, we started to feel a change in the atmosphere. We decided to split up, Tony went to the basement, and Carlos and I went upstairs to the craft room behind the balcony. We decided to play some lullaby music since there was a lot of reports of a young boy. We had cameras, emf meters, and k2 meters set up at the time. As soon as the lullaby music played our meters responded, which they had not all night. I asked a series of questions to determine who we were talking to, for example the K2 has lights ranging from green, yellow, orange, to red. I asked if this was a child turn the lights red, and it did. I asked if they were a girl to turn it red and it did not. Then if they were a boy to turn red which it did. We try asking why he was there, if he missed his family, if we could help. Listening back to the audio recorder there were no responses but one. There is a voice saying “John”. Also a woman’s voice that was not understandable. At some point Carlos had left and I had an overwhelming feeling to stand new the top of the stairs. I usually don’t get scared, but I did this time. I called to Carlos to join me. He had brought with him another piece of equipment we own that is essentially a backwards Xbox Kinect camera. On the computer screen it will show you the stick figure that Xbox would translate into the game. The theory is, if a spirit is there the Kinect mapping system with pick it up as well. Carlos came up the stairs and right on the step in front of me was a child size figure reaching out like it was holding my hand. When Carlos approaches it backed up into the corner then turned the corner down the hallway. This was a huge validation for us since a lot of customers report seeing a young boy on the stairs and cross in front of the balcony. Because we are self funded the record function on our SLS mapping camera did not engage quickly enough to capture this interaction. 

When you make contact with individuals/spirits, do you/the team do more investigation to find out who that person was and why they haunt that specific building?Our research team member just quit the team, so we are clearly behind on confirming these stories. It is my goal to try and work the either the Rock Springs Museum or the Sweetwater County Museum to try and bring these stories back to life. 


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What do you/the team consider a good investigation? We’ve uncovered that North Front Street was a wild Wild West type strip of town. On a recent trip to Deadwood, SD. it occurred to us that Rock Springs has the history to bring in tourism and reenact some of these stories. We’d also love to create a downtown ghost tour but it is a big undertaking than we haven’t been able to complete. Many if our team have an experienced we cannot validate but that is ultimately our goals.

We’ve got a few locations in mind, it is just difficult for people to let us in. But I can assure your, we respect our past and never insult them. When it comes to trying to get into more downtown locations building owners are hesitant that the group will stir up activity or disrespect their property. RSIP hold the spirits of our past RS residents in high regard and respect the properties they are invited into.

We do offer house cleansing free of charge and advise anyone looking to clear their homes of negative energy when they move.

Velez adds this as warning though, any of the equipment we use can be considered a modern day Ouija board. So always protect yourself and close your session. RSIP is always here for you and never change for our services. RSIP has made a lot of friends a long the way and do whatever we can to help.

The group has many other videos, photos, and EVP voice recordings that can be found on their Facebook page at Rock Springs Independent Paranormal.