Rock Springs Library Saying Goodbye To Two Long-Term Librarians

Anne Parady (left) and Diane Roccabruna (right)

Rock Springs, WY (6/20/19) – From their performances at the library’s puppet shows to dynamic Story Times, two ladies have been synonymous with the Rock Springs Library – Anne Parady and Diane Roccabruna. After more than 20 years, however, the two individuals will be retiring.

The Sweetwater County Library System will be hosting a public retirement reception for Parady and Roccabruna from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday, June 27, at the Rock Springs Library, 400 C Street.


Parady started with the library in 1998 as a shelver. She moved into the Youth Services department in the early 2000s and became the youth services manager in 2003.

Roccabruna also started at the library in 1998. She worked in Youth Services and has stayed there over the years.

The two of them, along with former librarian Helen Grover, started the puppet shows at the library more than a decade ago. Former librarian Kimberly Harper was a big part of the puppet shows as well. “We attended a puppet show that sparked Helen’s interest, so we created our own,” Anne said. The first puppet stage that they used was made out of a book cart box.

The puppet stage isn’t the only thing at the library that has changed during Anne and Diane’s tenure. “There has been an increase in the programs offered to children – more diversity in the activities,” Anne said. Diane added, “The type of help children need has changed. We used to sit and help them with homework, but now kids do a lot of their work online.” While now the library has a lot of computers and Internet access, it used to just have one computer with no Internet for kids. “We had discs so they could play Oregon Trail,” she said.


Anne was the inspiration behind the Wesswick room that opened in the library this year. The room, which was paid for by a generous donation from Louise Wesswick, a community member who was an educator and library supporter, was recently renovated to be a children’s play area and programming room.

Both ladies say that working at the library has been a rewarding experience. “I have enjoyed reaching out to the kids. Some of them come back and visit us as adults,” Diane said. Anne also said the most rewarding thing about working at the library was working with the kids, especially “adolescents who have needed support.”

“We will really miss Anne and Diane,” said Assistant Library Director Lindsey Travis. “Anne put her heart and soul into the library every day. She loves the kids and is a strong advocate for them. Diane is dedicated and a calming presence who always focused on the kids and their needs.”

As for what they will miss most about the library, they both said they will miss the people. “I will miss my coworkers and the diverse experiences that librarians encounter daily,” Anne said. “I will miss the people – my coworkers and the patrons,” Diane said. “I feel very blessed to have had this job. It was a wonderful thing.”