Rock Springs mom fighting to keep trans women out of women’s sports


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Tyler Johnson, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (March 19, 2021) – Throughout the nation, there has been a movement to allow transgendered athletes to compete in sports of the sex that they identify as at the high school level and, at times, even younger.

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It has caused mixed reactions, and one Rock Springs resident is sticking up for the girls of her community to make sure that doesn’t take place in Wyoming.

Heather Anderson recently sent a letter to Governor Mark Gordon, Attorney General Bridget Hill, Chief Deputy Attorney General Ryan Schelhaas, and other lawmakers to put forth legislation to prevent transgender athletes from competing in sports of their identified sex.

Anderson is treasurer of Rock Springs Girls Softball, a Rock Springs Girls Youth Basketball board member, and mother of a daughter who has competed in sports her entire life.

“It’s an unfair advantage. It’s not like we’re trying to discriminate anything like that. There’s a place and rules for all ages to compete, and that’s the way it should be. If you’re a man, you should compete amongst men. If you’re a woman, you should compete amongst women,” she said.

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She said states like Connecticut have allowed transgender athletes to compete in their desired sports, which has caused problems.

Anderson said Title IX has done amazing things for women over the last 50 years and doesn’t want to see the progress they’ve made a move backward. “Women should have their own space to compete and compete on a leveled playing field amongst their fields.

“I’ve just worked with enough girls and coached enough over the years to understand the problem that they’ve had and what women, and men too, have done in the past to get us to the point where we are today, and I just don’t want to see any regression to where we’re at,” she said.

Anderson also noted the difference between a man’s body and a woman’s body that can create an unfair advantage in women’s sports if a transgender male who identifies as a woman is able to compete in women’s sports.

“The physiology of a woman’s body and a man’s body is completely different. If you’re around it, you can see the differences. Men are quicker. They’re bigger. They’ve got higher bone density. Their reaction time is quicker,” she said, acknowledging the difference between a girl’s high school basketball game and a boys high school basketball game.

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“You can see the difference. It’s a completely different game. It’s because of the way men and women are built. There’s just no getting around it.”

She said that she has no issue with men wanting to identify themselves as women and vice versa.

“I do have a problem when there’s an unfair advantage between a man’s body competing against a woman’s body. I just don’t think that’s fair to the girls,” she said.

Anderson said that she has received nearly a dozen of responses back from state representatives and senators. A few have even said they will put forth legislation in 2022 to make it into law. She said that it was too late to do anything this year.

Below is a copy of her letter to elected state leaders.

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