Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport Considers Name Change


The Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport is considering changing its name in the near future.

Airport Manager Devon Brubaker has requested input from the Sweetwater County Commissioners and the City of Rock Springs on potentially changing the name to Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport.

Brubaker said there are many reasons for considering a name change. He said the current name leads people to believe the airport is more municipal and small. With a name indicating the geographic location and region, Brubaker said the name would better reflect the capabilities of the airport and would better include the surrounding communities.

Brubaker said 90% of the airport’s operating revenue comes from general aviation, ad a name change could help them to better market and grow general aviation locally, nationally, and internationally.

The airport can go about changing the name in two ways. The name could be changed legally, which would require paperwork for the name change and cost additional money. Another option would be to keep the airport’s legal name and have a DBA (doing business as) under the name of Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport.

Brubaker said he will recommend that the Airport’s Joint Powers Board pursue the name change with the City of Rock Springs and the County during their meeting on December 13th. The board will vote if they want to pursue the name change.

Brubaker said he hopes the name change can be finalized before they attend a convention in February.

John Bunning