Roy Lloyd For County Commissioner



I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many individuals from Sweetwater County during my candidacy for the office of Sweetwater County Commissioner.  I have called Sweetwater County Home for almost 15 years. I am a Wyoming Native who has spent the majority of my life right here in our great State. I proudly work for a local non-profit and enjoy being involved in the community.

Although I was raised in Evanston, my father made the drive to FMC for 35 years and Sweetwater County has always been the lifeblood of our family.  I can honestly say that my own family and I have re-planted our roots and found our home right here in Sweetwater County. My wife Heidi and I have been blessed to raise our kids in Sweetwater County; Jorie (and her husband Cole) Randall, Kaden, Kami and Jakob. We also have two beautiful granddaughters Addisyn and Gracin that call Sweetwater County home.

Together, we have been involved in numerous community boards, organizations and volunteer opportunities that have led us to make friendships that are highly important in our lives. Being involved deeply in the community over the last several years I see room and a need for a new voice to help lead our community through the existing challenges while simultaneously forging new ideas to enhance the future of the county.

Throughout this campaign I have stood behind the concept of “The Choice for Change.”  I have been asked throughout the campaign what “The Choice for Change” means.  The concept is simple as I bring a fresh perspective, new concepts, a unique professional history and knowledge combined with a high level of excitement and dedication to the office of County Commission.   One of my favorite quotes is “Change may not always bring growth, but there is no growth without change.”  ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart.  I have deep pride in our community and marvel at what our county has accomplished over the 14 years we have lived here, but to move forward change and new concepts are essential.

A few of my basic philosophies for my campaign are:

  • Work collaboratively with the elected County Officials, departments and stakeholders to create relationships based upon respect and honesty.
  • Critically review and efficiently manage the County Budget focusing on specific fiscal management rather than a generalized view of cuts and increases. I will also work toward creating budget efficiencies and ensuring a balanced budget.
  • Have an open door policy with set office hours and availability.
  • Strive to create opportunities for public comment during periods of time the Citizens of Sweetwater County are available. The input of the citizens of Sweetwater County is essential to my success as a Commissioner and the success of Sweetwater County.
  • Look at methods to increase the accessibility of the County Commission (i.e. Livestreaming of meetings).
  • Diversify our local economy by using a collaborative, systematic approach and be willing to look outside of the box.
  • Serve the county with a level of professionalism above reproach.

I encourage the voters of Sweetwater County to educate themselves, get to know the candidates and, as I often share on my social media, “Go Beyond the Signs.”

I would be honored to be given the opportunity to move forward to the general election and potentially serve the Citizens of Sweetwater County. To learn more about my campaign please check out for more information.


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