RSPD addresses complaints of unlicensed motorized vehicles on city streets


ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (April 12, 2020) — On Saturday, the Rock Springs Police Department posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

The Rock Springs Police Department would like to remind everyone that is against the law to drive unregistered and/or uninsured vehicles on public streets.


The RSPD has received multiple complaints of motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and UTV’s being driven on public streets without registration and possibly without insurance. Some of these are being driven by juveniles that do not have driver’s licenses.

The primary concern is the safety of the persons using the roadways and most of these unregistered vehicles do not have the proper lighting, signals, or mirrors to properly be seen as well as properly see other vehicles on the roadways.

The RSPD wants everyone to enjoy the warmer weather but please do so responsibly and make sure unregistered vehicles are being transported to the areas where they may be legally enjoyed.