SCSD#1 releases information for online, in-person education


Wyo4News Staff, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (August 6, 2020) —¬†Sweetwater County School District #1 has released the following information in a statement:

“Hello, Sweetwater One Families:

We have received a lot of inquiries about on-line vs. in-person education. Thank you for your patience and hopefully, this information clarifies so you can choose your option. Families have been given this option for COVID reasons and concerns.

The choices families have are in-person or online options. If you are in person and the student is required to stay home or quarantined, the students will be able to still attend remotely where they will be in class all day learning and interacting with the class on-line. When they are released to come back in person, they will.

If someone chooses in person or on-line and it is just not working out, they can work with the principal to switch options, however, students do not get to just go back and forth on-line and in-person depending on the convenience or parents schedule. It is one or the other. The only way to have the flexibility to be on-line if you have opted in-person instruction is if you are sick or mandated to stay home.

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If you are on-line and there are certain classes or services (i.e. intervention, physical therapy, etc.) that have to be done on campus, please talk to the principal so a schedule is arranged and consistent. If students opt. for online and they have electives that require them to come to campus, it is likely there will be schedule changes if needed to accommodate the child to stay online since that is the option for COVID related concerns.

If you are opting on-line instruction for COVID related concerns (as that is why the option is being provided), please prepare to be asked if you are still expecting your child to participate in sports and activities. If a child is opting for on-line instruction due to exposure concerns, then the same concerns fall into participating in sports and activities and there is a potential increased risk of exposure due to the nature of sharing equipment and proximity.

Again, Sweetwater One is excited to offer either an in-person or online experience at your choice, but the option is there for COVID related concerns and not wanting increased exposure.

The tiers in the plan are for the school district to go between depending where health orders are, they are not a choice for parents, particularly tier 2. Parents do not get to choose for their children to come for some days in person and stay home other days, again unless they are sick.”

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