Second Day unfolds in Rock Springs murder trial of Utah woman



June 18, 2024 — Wyo4News

The trial of Rene Daniels, accused of causing the death of her former boyfriend, Emiliano “Chico” Morales III, in a hit-and-run incident, entered its second day. Daniels is facing charges of Second Degree Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter for the incident that occurred on May 24, 2023, in the parking lot of the 9th Street Kum N’ Go in Rock Springs.


Yesterday’s proceedings saw the prosecution begin their case. Today, they continued to present evidence and call witnesses to the stand. These included members of the Rock Springs Police Department, an inmate who shared a cell with Ms. Daniels after the incident, and a forensic pathologist from Colorado.

Key evidence presented today included body cam footage of Ms. Daniels at Sweetwater Memorial Hospital shortly after the incident, photos of Mr. Morales post-injury, and images of the vehicle involved. However, the day’s highlight was the testimony of Ken Davis, a detective with the Rock Springs Police Department.


Detective Davis’s testimony included messages and video recovered from Ms. Daniel’s cell phone leading up to the incident. The defense suggested that Ms. Daniels’ recollections may not be entirely accurate due to the trauma of the event. However, upon redirect by the prosecution, Detective Davis stated that while possible, it wasn’t necessarily likely.

After the prosecution rested their case, the court adjourned for the day. The trial will resume tomorrow at 9 a.m., with the defense set to present their case. Stay tuned to Wyo4News for continued updates on the trial.