Semi Lands On Train Tracks After Falling From Interstate 80 In Rawlins

Rawlins Police Department

On Friday, January 11th, at 5:39 a.m., the Rawlins Police Department Communications Center received multiple calls for a semi-truck that went off Interstate 80 at the mile marker 215 bridge. The semi-truck went over the bridge rail landing on and blocking both sets of Union Pacific Railroad tracks.



Rawlins PD Officers responded to the scene as the initial emergency response and ensured scene safety. Rawlins PD Communications Center notified Wyoming Highway Patrol, Union Pacific Railroad, Rawlins Fire Department, and MHCC EMS. Rawlins Communication Center coordinated with Union Pacific Railroad Dispatch to have all oncoming train traffic stopped before entering the crash scene. An eastbound train was in the vicinity upon officer arrival. MHCC EMS transported two patients from the semi-truck to MHCC.



The crash is being investigated by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.