Services To Victims Of Crime Grant Funding Approved

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The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved a grant this week that will provide services to victims of crime.

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The $122,470 grant is from the Wyoming Division of Victim Services. The funds will be used to sustain two part-time Victim Witness Coordinators in the Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office. The grant positions supplement two full-time permanent Victim Witness Coordinators. The Fiscal Year 2018 Services to Victims of Crime Grant requires a 25% match on the federal portion of the award. This amount is satisfied by the permanent positions and does not require a separate match.

Of the $122,470 awarded, $99,776.21 will go toward payroll and benefits for the two employees. Travel and training will take up $12,811. Emergency assistance to victims is budgeted for $3,727.35 of the grant, and the remaining $6,155.44 is budgeted for other things like supplies and supportive services.

Funding from the grant must be expended by June 30, 2018.

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