Sheriff’s 2019 Civilian Firearms Training Schedule Available


The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office 2019 civilian firearms training course schedule is available.

They are now offering basic, intermediate and special accommodations classes. The basic and special accommodations classes comprise a combination of classroom instruction and shooting exercises. The training emphasizes firearms familiarization and safety, and training topics include grip, stance, sight picture, trigger control, holster considerations, home firearms storage and more.



The special accommodations class offers a smaller class size with fewer students for more one-on-one instruction and hands-on time with firearms; it is designed specifically for those who have no previous firearms experience or who otherwise require special accommodation by virtue of a disability or other condition. The intermediate class consists of eight hours of range training and shooting exercises, and participants are required to complete the basic course as a prerequisite.

There is a $30 registration fee for each class. All classes satisfy the state’s training requirement for a concealed carry permit. In addition to a personal firearm, participants are required to supply a suitable belt or paddle holster for their firearm as well as proper eye and ear protection. The basic and special accommodations classes require a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition, while the intermediate class requires a minimum of 200 rounds.


Scheduled classes are as follows:

• Saturday, May 18 (Basic)
• Saturday, June 15 (Basic)
• Saturday, August 24 (Special accommodations)
• Saturday, September 7 (Intermediate)

To register, or for more information, please contact us by phone at (307) 352-4901.