Sheriff’s Office first of two firearm training classes tomorrow


Wyo4News Staff, [email protected]

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (July 24, 2020) — The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office will be offering their first civilian firearms training class tomorrow, July 25. A second class will take place on Saturday, September 19.


According to the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, each class comprises a combination of classroom instruction and shooting exercises. The training emphasizes firearms familiarization and safety, and training topics include grip, stance, trigger control, holster considerations, home firearms storage, and more. Both classes satisfy the state’s training requirement for a concealed carry permit.

There is a $30 registration fee for each class. In addition to a personal firearm, participants must supply a suitable belt or paddle holster for their gun, proper eye and ear protection, and a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition.

For more information, contact the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 352-4901.