Sheriff’s Office releases statement regarding found human remains podcast


From the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office

SWEETWATER COUNTY, WYOMING (Jan. 23, 2020) — County 10, a Fremont County media source, published an article regarding a new episode of the podcast “Dead & Gone in Wyoming” reporting the discovery of human remains in the area of Jim Bridger Power Plant in Sweetwater County.

The podcast was intended to bring light to the discovery and a possible correlation between those remains and the case of missing person, Sharon Baldeagle, who was last seen in Casper, Wyoming in September 1984.


The release of information for the podcast by a volunteer for the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office was not an official statement from this office and contained erroneous information, which we wish to dispel.

In June 2019 a portion of a human skull was discovered in the area of Jim Bridger Power Plant, and reported to the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office and Bureau of Land Management.  At the time, the age of the remains was unable to be determined.

In late September 2019, the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office, Sweetwater County Coroner’s Office, Bureau of Land Management, and University of Wyoming Anthropology Department personnel conducted an additional search in order to locate more remains from the initial discovery. At this time, additional portions of skeletal remains were located and taken to the University of Wyoming for additional analysis, which is still underway.


While the case remains under investigation, it appears that the remains are that of a younger female of either European or Native American descent and are, more likely than not, prehistoric in nature.

Additional testing and analysis is being conducted by the University of Wyoming Anthropology Department, which should provide further insight as to the age and origin of the remains.

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the calls from diligent podcast listeners hoping to provide insight into the whereabouts of Ms. Baldeagle, but at this time we do not have reason to believe that the located remains are those of Ms. Baldeagle.  The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office apologizes for the false hope provided to Ms. Baldeagle’s family due to this erroneous information, but remains hopeful that she will eventually be located.