Spiritual ceremony Wednesday morning


Jena Doak, [email protected]

SWEETWATER COUNTY, OCTOBER 5, 2021 — A free monthly New Moon Manifestation zoom ceremony is open to everyone October 6 at 7:00 a.m.  


What exactly is there to manifest? Blessings, gratefulness, high frequency energy vibration, calling on angels, embracing restorative energy, and intuition.

The new moon is about new beginnings and beseeching the universe through ritualistic dedication and ceremony — if you’re into that kind of thing – for what you fancy. The tradition includes spiritual tools such as sage, visualization, candles, and crystals.

Freeing intentions and obliterating whatever stands in a person’s way of having only what is good and right is conceivable, according to spiritual healers. A little planning makes rituals effective. A person can clean their surroundings, take an Epsom salt bath, journal, or visualize.  

This is just a tiny bit of information to help someone decide whether to log on or press the snooze button. For those and their coffee who venture to join, follow this link.