Basketball coach Tim Cassity has coached over 700 games

Coach Cassity stands in front of team pictures from over the years

Tanya Baer, [email protected]

Green River- Green River High School Basketball Coach, Tim Cassity, has coached over 700 basketball games, 706 games to be exact. Over the last 35 years, he has been coaching and teaching. He started out coaching in New Mexico, but after a year, he was offered a teaching job at Lincoln Middle School, where he coached for roughly 6 years.


After coaching for Lincoln Middle School, he was able to become a teacher and a coach at Green River High School, where he has stayed for the past 28 years. His love for basketball started at a young age, and as he was growing up, he played on school basketball teams. “When I was young, I had really great coaches that taught me how to win but also how to have fun,” Cassity stated.

When asked what these many years of coaching has taught him Cassity said, “I have had to learn not to be too prideful that I couldn’t learn from others. Every team is different and you have to treat them differently. Sometimes they want different things, some years I will have kids who will do anything it takes to win and other years I have kids who are more focused on having fun. I really like to win but I have had to adjust as a coach and let go of pride. I learned that sometimes it’s okay to lose as long as the kids had fun, did their best, and I did my best.”


When asked what he would say if he had all the people he has coached in one room he said, “I hope what they have learned in basketball has followed them in life. I hope it has helped them become successful people, and I know that it has for some because I am now coaching their children, and they are really great people.”

One of his favorite years coaching was last year when he coached girl’s varsity basketball. He stated that they were such a pleasure to coach and that they were great ladies and great basketball players. He also expressed his love for coaching the Freshman boys this year and said that they are a lot of fun to coach and they are hard workers. “I really enjoy helping young men get along and work with each other. Basketball is here to help them become better people.”

Coach Cassity wanted to point out that basketball follows people for life and it is something that they can take with them after graduating, which cannot be said about every sport.