Wolves Soccer Team prepares to defend home turf at State Tournament


Photo courtesy of Fotos by Jenni

Emma Marsing, [email protected]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — The Wyoming 3A State Soccer Tournament is officially kicking off this Thursday, May 18, 2023. Being the only team from Sweetwater County to compete at the state level this year, the Green River High School Boys’ Team is excited to defend their home turf and hopefully bring home the hardware.

This year the Wolves were guided by their Head Coach, Josh Webb, along with Assistant Coaches, Perri Rubeck, Tina Rodriguez, and Toby Trumble. This year was the first year for Webb in the Head Coach position for the boys’ team. Webb has an extensive background in soccer as he has played himself and has coached in many clubs around the state for the past 12 years. When asked about his experience this year, Webb stated that he’s “had a blast. I’ve loved it. I mean the boys have been good, and most of them are state eligible. I like the chemistry on the team and the chemistry with the coaching staff and I’m having a blast!”

At the beginning of the season, the team practiced Monday through Friday with occasional Saturdays added in to get the nine-game practices in for those who attended trips during spring break. After that, the team then practices Monday through Friday. Depending on whether the team has a game or not, Webb tries to peak them and bring them back down in the middle of the week. Usually, the team will have a “pre-game” where they sit and break down the film as well. With this in mind, Webb noted that overall the season has gone very well. “These boys have made long strides. Right now we are just getting them to slow down and work on their possession to create an open, quality, shot.”

The Wolves currently stand at #3 in 3A West as they head into the tournament tomorrow. Webb stated that “If we play our game, I think these boys could go all the way”. The first team the Wolves compete against is the #2 3A East team, Torrington. “It’s going to be hard, but I think this team can do it.”

This year, the Wolves will be defending their home turf as they play in the tournament. Webb added that “It gives us a little more grit, I hope. Or it could make them nervous but I think this team will respond well.” The team has only lost two games this season, one on the road and one at home. If the team makes it past Torrington, the next teams they could face are both Powell, Cody, and Worland. Webb stated that Cody’s Head Coach has gotten his team to click on all cylinders and has completely changed that program around.

This year the boys’ state team consists of 22 players, with Captains Braxton Cordova and Abram Vergara. Alongside the team are their four managers that help with whatever the team may need.

Captain and Center-Back Abram Vergara stated that he is feeling “good, excited, and nervous” regarding competing at state this year. Vergara has explained that the team has expanded a lot this season. They have three seniors, two freshmen, three sophomores, and four juniors that are starting this year. “The underclassman are very eager to show and prove themselves so we kinda got to even out our egos a little bit sometimes.” Vergara has technically played the past three years, missing one year due to COVID-19 restrictions but is playing in his first high school state tournament. Coming from the previous Goalie position to now Center-Back, Vergara has loved being able to show off his strength and athleticism in his new position. Over the course of his high school years, Vergara has played with many coaches and wanted to end by saying, “Thank you to all the coaches over the years, they have helped me grow as a player and an individual.”

Captain and Center-Mid, Braxton Cordova, explained that right now he feels “confident going in [to the state tournament]. I think we can give ourselves a good run.” Cordova quickly added, “Thank you to my coaches and my teammates for pushing me all season. I don’t think we would have had this much success without all of us working together. Thank you to our supporters too, who keep us going because without them we wouldn’t be there either.”


Stone Rubeck, Defensive Mid-Fielder, added that he is “feeling excited. You know it’s home advantage and the first time I have ever been to state for soccer and our team, I feel like we’re ready.” Rubeck is one of the juniors on the team and is very eager to play this year at the state tournament. As a whole, Rubeck stated that he has grown this past year mentally and as a leader. When closing, Rubeck added, “I hope we have people coming out because it’s home. I’m just excited and I think we’re going to have a good run at it. Thank you to the coaches, Jorge last year, Toby Trumble for getting me strong, my dad always sticking with me, and just our community for showing up for sure”.

As the team heads into the tournament, Webb gave a brief word of advice to his athletes, “Be yourself and play with confidence. I am so proud of this team, they’ve dug deep, they’ve got grit, they’ve got heart, and they respond well when I am putting different scenarios at them. I’m proud of these boys and I am proud of the coaching staff.”

Catch the Wolves tomorrow, Thursday, May 18 beginning at 2:00 p.m. against Torrington High School at the Green River High School field.