Student safety message issued by SCSD#2 and GRHS Principal


Photo courtesy of the Green River High School website.

December 6, 2021 — The following is a press statement from Sweetwater County School District #2 Superidentent Craig Barringer.

Sweetwater County School District #2 Stakeholders;
We acknowledge that a recent student disciplinary event at Green River High School has resulted in concerns throughout our school and our community. We at Sweetwater County School District #2 take all threats seriously. The comment made by a student at our school was thoroughly investigated and not found to be an imminent risk to our students and staff. Anytime SWCSD#2 is made aware of a potential threat, our number one priority is to ensure that our students and staff are safe. As we work with our local police department, we follow the
established protocols and procedures as followed:

  • Contact the Green River Police Department / School Resource Office
  • Locate the potential imminent threat/danger
  • Coordinate with local police department to conduct any interviews, searches, and/or
    other actions necessary
  • Local police department will conduct a home search and any parent interviews. Further
    investigations outside of the school district will be handled by the local police
  • As the potential threat/danger is identified and any imminent danger is ruled out, a
    trained school psychologist will complete a threat/risk assessment to determine any and
    all necessary actions which may be necessary moving forward.
  • As information is collected and analyzed, student(s) will face any disciplinary action,
    which may include expulsion from school.
    Please know that we take all threats seriously, and while recognizing the importance of
    maintaining student’s confidentiality rights, we will also investigate and work to resolve any
    potential risk to the students of Sweetwater County School District #2.
    Craig Barringer


Earler this morning, the following message was posted on the Green River High School Facebook page.


We have been recently addressing concerns from several parents and students of a potential threat at school. We have been made aware of the potential threat and have been working in partnership with the GRPD. Our efforts are focused on addressing the issue to enhance student safety by following the safety protocols established through our district’s crisis management plan.

We have asked the police to increase their presence to help put people at ease knowing they are here to help us ensure students and staff are safe.

Thank you for your support!!!

Darren Heslep

GRHS Principal