Sublette County deputy receives lifesaving award

Deputy Scott Campbell with the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office recognized for his quick response to a medical call in June

Pictured from left are Sublette County EMS Director Bill Cluck, Sgt. Andrew Mackenzie, Deputy Scott Campbell and his sons, and Sheriff K.C. Lehr. (Sublette County Sheriff’s Office photo)

Pinedale, Wyoming — A Sublette County Sheriff’s Office deputy was recently awarded a life-saving medal for his quick response to a medical emergency in June, according to a press release today.

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On June 21, 2019, Deputy Scott Campbell responded to a medical call at a residence in Pinedale. Upon arrival Campbell was directed to the bathroom where an elderly male was holding a towel to his arm. The towel was completely blood soaked, and there was a large amount of dark red blood beginning to pool on the bathroom floor.

Campbell retrieved a SWAT-T tourniquet from his medical bag and applied it to the upper arm of the patient, noting the time the tourniquet was applied. Campbell enlisted the help of a family member to continue to apply pressure to the wound until Sublette County Emergency Medical Services arrived.

After investigating what had happened, it appeared the male had fallen onto a cabinet with a glass door in the living room, severely lacerating his right forearm.

The patient was transported to the Pinedale Medical Clinic where the laceration was evaluated. It was determined that the wound was severe enough that the patient needed emergency care and was flown to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Deputy Campbell’s tourniquet was not removed because it was preventing the patient from losing blood.

The patient later underwent surgery and was released.

If it wasn’t for the quick action of Deputy Campbell and the proper application of the SWAT-T tourniquet, this gentleman may have eventually bled out and died, according to the press release.

Deputy Campbell was nominated for this medal by his sergeant, Andrew Mackenzie. Sergeant Mackenzie was a driving force behind implementing tourniquets in the Sheriff’s Office based off his experience in the military and National Guard. These tourniquets were purchased last year for all Sublette County Sheriff’s Office deputies, and Deputy Todd Morgan and Tip Top Search and Rescue administrator Kenna Tanner were instrumental in teaching the proper method of utilizing these lifesaving devices to staff.

Just recently, Wyoming Highway Patrolman Jason Moeller was honored by the state for applying a tourniquet during a traffic crash which saved a woman’s life.

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Deputy Campbell is the first from the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office to be recognized and to receive the life-saving award, but is not the first deputy who has saved a life using life-saving measures. The Sheriff’s Office has started recognizing such efforts by awarding service bars, which are worn above the right pocket on their dress uniform.

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