Sweetwater #1 Continues School Safety Efforts with Reunifications


As Sweetwater County School District #1 continues to train in school safety efforts, all schools in the District will be participating in a reunification drill this school year.

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SW#1 implemented the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) in June 2015 as a collaborative school safety effort in unison with first responders, local and state law and fire agencies, and community support. Lockout, lockdown, evacuate, shelter, and hold are drills practiced regularly. As a school safety next step, all of SW#1 schools will be holding at least one reunification drill this school year.

As part of the SRP, a reunification is a component of emergency school dismissal for a variety of reasons (i.e. gas leak, extended power outage, etc.). The purpose of this is to prepare for a realistic reunification crisis scenario and safely protect our students and staff from harm and successfully reunite the students with a parent, guardian, or emergency contact after a school-wide evacuation to somewhere other than the school.

“We appreciate the support of our parents with school safety. They come to reunification site and work through the process to reunify with their child.”

If parents are unable to participate in this reunification, an emergency contact may pick up their student. Anyone picking up a student will be required to show a valid ID (either driver’s license or state issued ID). Parents are encouraged to ensure their emergency contacts are up to date with the school office or 17-18  online registration form.

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Most schools hold parent meetings ahead of the reunification drills. Information to be shared at these meetings will include parent/guardian responsibilities; administration, teacher, and staff roles; general timeline; and necessary resources and communication. Additional info will be posted on the school’s Facebook page, SchoolWay, and SchoolMessenger.

These safety drills also involve local community partners including RSPD, RSFD, the RS Family Recreation Center, Sweetwater Events Complex, and Western Wyoming Community College to help safely and successfully execute reunification drills.

Parents are encouraged to attend one of the parent meetings at their child’s school or feel welcome to call their individual school with questions. For further information on the necessity of reunification and other Standard Response Protocol information, please visit www.iloveuguys.org.