Sweetwater Cable Purchased By All West Communications


Sweetwater Television Company has been purchased by All West Communications. The acquisition contributes to All West Communications continued growth and expansion plans into areas of southwest Wyoming.

Sweetwater Cable Manager Marty Carollo said the sale is expected to be finalized this month. Channel line-ups will not be impacted immediately, but channels will eventually be merged to fit the All West Communications channels and packages offered in other locations.

Carollo said the current staff at Sweetwater Cable has been guaranteed work with the company if employees choose to work for All West, although some titles and job descriptions may change.

In addition, Carollo said the new company offers faster internet speeds which customers should see in the coming months.

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All West Communications, which began in 1912, currently has a fiber network that extends through Lincoln and Uinta Counties in Wyoming down in to Rich, Summit, and Wasatch Counties in Utah, with extensions into both Salt Lake County and Utah County.

Sweetwater Television Company, which began in 1955 as a TV service provider, has expanded into voice and broadband services over the years.

“We felt this natural geographic expansion of our current network just made sense. We will retain our deep commitment of investing in Wyoming to promote economic growth and development while being able to benefit from the resultant synergies provided by the merged resources of both companies,” said Matthew Weller, President of All West Communications.

For more information on All West Communications visit the company’s website at www.allwest.com.