Sweetwater County COVID-19 patient reveals personal experience with virus

Parker Gardner spoke to members of the community today about his experience with COVID-19 during a video conference call put on by the Sweetwater EOC. Photo credit to the Sweetwater County Government YouTube channel.

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (April 15, 2020) — Sweetwater County resident Parker Gardner, who was recently diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, spoke about his current experience with the virus today during a media briefing put on by the Sweetwater County Emergency Operations Center.


Gardner discussed his reaction to finding out he tested positive.

“It is really weird that I tested positive,” Gardner said. “Because I didn’t think it would happen. It is such a long shot that if one person has it then it would pass over to another. So I didn’t really think I had it. My allergies go crazy around this time. It is spring, there is pollen in the air. I just assumed it was my allergies.”

Gardner also touched on his normal routine since testing positive for the virus.

“Ever since I’ve tested positive I have just been chilling in quarantine,” Garder noted. “I’ve been doing a lot of homework, playing a lot of video games, online in multiplayer with my brother and his roommate. Honestly, it has been really fun, not the Corona part; but, the bonding part. I feel like I am getting closer with my brother. It is just a weird experience overall, you know?”

“I haven’t ever experienced anything like this. So, I don’t know how to react, or what steps to take. So, I have just been following what the doctors said, just staying at home and making sure that I don’t have contact with any other person.

Gardner shared how the virus has affected him, and how his symptoms have been managed.


“Today and yesterday were probably the hardest,” Gardner shared. “My eyes have been really hurting, I get slight pains when I breathe. They usually fade away around noonish, but in the mornings when I first wake up and everything, it just hurts. I take Tylenol and I get better, this happened yesterday too. I don’t know if I have a fever yet, because we don’t have a thermometer, but I can feel myself getting hot. Sweats and stuff. It is freezing in my house but I am sweating. My throat has been a little raspy, and it hurts. I have a cough, I am very congested. I have had a head cold both yesterday and today, mainly in my ears, where everything feels clogged.”

“Not much has changed between now and yesterday, but I feel like I am at the peak. Hopefully, everything will be fine by the end of the two weeks.”

To view the entire briefing, check out the video below: