Sweetwater County COVID-19 patient reveals personal experience with virus

Parker Gardner spoke to members of the community today about his experience with COVID-19 during a video conference call put on by the Sweetwater EOC. Photo credit to the Sweetwater County Government YouTube channel.

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (April 15, 2020) — Sweetwater County resident Parker Gardner, who was recently diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, spoke about his current experience with the virus today during a media briefing put on by the Sweetwater County Emergency Operations Center.

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Gardner discussed his reaction to finding out he tested positive.

“It is really weird that I tested positive,” Gardner said. “Because I didn’t think it would happen. It is such a long shot that if one person has it then it would pass over to another. So I didn’t really think I had it. My allergies go crazy around this time. It is spring, there is pollen in the air. I just assumed it was my allergies.”

Gardner also touched on his normal routine since testing positive for the virus.

“Ever since I’ve tested positive I have just been chilling in quarantine,” Garder noted. “I’ve been doing a lot of homework, playing a lot of video games, online in multiplayer with my brother and his roommate. Honestly, it has been really fun, not the Corona part; but, the bonding part. I feel like I am getting closer with my brother. It is just a weird experience overall, you know?”

“I haven’t ever experienced anything like this. So, I don’t know how to react, or what steps to take. So, I have just been following what the doctors said, just staying at home and making sure that I don’t have contact with any other person.

Gardner shared how the virus has affected him, and how his symptoms have been managed.

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“Today and yesterday were probably the hardest,” Gardner shared. “My eyes have been really hurting, I get slight pains when I breathe. They usually fade away around noonish, but in the mornings when I first wake up and everything, it just hurts. I take Tylenol and I get better, this happened yesterday too. I don’t know if I have a fever yet, because we don’t have a thermometer, but I can feel myself getting hot. Sweats and stuff. It is freezing in my house but I am sweating. My throat has been a little raspy, and it hurts. I have a cough, I am very congested. I have had a head cold both yesterday and today, mainly in my ears, where everything feels clogged.”

“Not much has changed between now and yesterday, but I feel like I am at the peak. Hopefully, everything will be fine by the end of the two weeks.”

To view the entire briefing, check out the video below:

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