Sweetwater County Historical Museum announces creation of YouTube channel

The Sweetwater County Historical Museum has launched a Youtube channel during the current COVID-19 shutdown. Photo courtesy of Sweetwater County Historical Museum.
GREEN RIVER, WYOMING (March 21, 2020) — The Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River announced Saturday that its new YouTube channel is now up and running.​



In accordance with the Sweetwater County Board of Commissioners’ resolution of March 17, the Museum is temporarily closed to the public, but the staff is continuing to handle research requests via telephone and email, prepare and maintain exhibits, and foster its ongoing outreach programs and strategies.​
With many Sweetwater County residents staying home and all the schools in the county closed, the Museum is pursuing strategies to provide informative, educational, and entertaining historical material county-wide via the Internet.​
As a result, on Thursday Director Brie Blasi unveiled the Museum’s new online outreach program called “Wyoming and Sweetwater County History Outreach” (WSCHO). ​
Through media releases, its Facebook page, website, and now its YouTube channel, the County Museum is providing  links to online videos, websites, articles, and other resources related to Wyoming and Sweetwater County as well as posting an ongoing series of its own video and slideshow presentations.  ​
Blasi emphasized the Museum’s philosophy in doing its part to aid and serve the Sweetwater County community:  “For the time being, people can’t come to the Museum, so we’re doing whatever we can to bring the Museum to them.” ​
Museum staff can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at (307) 872-6435. The Museum’s website can be found at www.sweetwatermuseum.org and its Facebook page is at [email protected] The new YouTube channel is online at ww.youtube.com/channel/UCASN18SFE4uVzY5Ny7T6YSA .​
“We’re encouraging everyone to check out our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel,” Blasi said. “We hope you will ‘like’ us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.”​