Sweetwater County School District #2 adds new safety features to their schools


Wyo4News Staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING — When we welcome students come back to school on Wednesday, August 16 in Green River, Granger, and McKinnon students will see some changes to their facilities. Some of the additions they will not notice, but will help better secure the schools.

Last spring the Green River Police Department and the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office conducted a safety audit throughout every school in Sweetwater School District #2. After the audit the district began making suggested changes and additions to the schools.

Throughout the district bollards have been added to the entries to the schools. These barricades will keep a vehicle from being able to drive through the doors.

Doors and windows have added security screens. These screens will not stop a bullet, but they will keep the window in place, which will keep an intruder from being able to enter the doors.  Here is a video taken when GRPD tested the screens out:

Doors have been added to the interior of the Lincoln Middle School. These doors will help secure the building in the event of an intruder gaining access to the school.

What you may not see is that cameras have been added throughout the district to help eliminate blind spots in and around the facilities.

Sweetwater School District #2 will continue to evaluate and educate our staff to help ensure the continued safety of our students and staff.

We are looking forward to a great year in our schools this year! – Craig Barringer, Superintendent