Sweetwater County Sheriff celebrates 25 years of service with the sheriff’s office


Wyo4news Staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

SWEETWATER COUNTY, WYOMING — While many things have changed over the years, the one constant for Sweetwater County Sheriff John Grossnickle since he started his law enforcement career in 1996 with the Rock Springs Police Department has been his passion for serving his community and helping others.


Today, Grossnickle is celebrating 25 years of service with the sheriff’s office. Soon after he was hired by the police department, Grossnickle transferred to the sheriff’s office where he has served the communities of Sweetwater County ever since. After nearly three decades in law enforcement, one thing in particular that stands out to him over the years is the level of support from the public that law enforcement in Wyoming enjoys compared to some other parts of the country.

“One of the special things about our community, and Wyoming at large, is our people,” Grossnickle said. “Our way of life and the basic values that we all share make serving this community and calling it home well worth any of the sacrifices of the job. That hasn’t changed in nearly 30 years, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities that life, work, and play here in Sweetwater County, Wyoming have afforded me and my family.”


While not ready to call it a day quite yet, Grossnickle said he is humbled to serve as sheriff, something he never imagined all of those years ago, and he looks forward to what the future may bring.

“I’m just honored to serve, it’s been quite the ride, and I’m excited for the next adventure. We have a great team here at the sheriff’s office that I’m proud to be a part of, and I really respect and appreciate the dedication, sacrifice and hard work of everyone here who calls the sheriff’s office home.”

Undersheriff Jason Love said of Grossnickle, “It seems like officers lasting as long in law enforcement as John has, let alone at the same agency, are fewer and farther between these days. I’ve known John for a long time. He generally prefers to avoid the limelight and instead puts the focus on those around him who are doing the job every day. But, we’re lucky to have him, and 25 years at the sheriff’s office is a milestone that deserves recognition.”