Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism Celebrates 100 Certified Tourism Ambassadors


Photo Credit: Sweetwater County Joint Travel & Tourism (SWCTT) board

Wyo4News Staff, [email protected]

Sweetwater County- The Sweetwater County Joint Travel & Tourism (SWCTT) board is excited to announce that 100 frontline employees in Sweetwater County have achieved the designation of Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) since the program’s inception in 2021, with more than 20 additional individuals enrolled in the program and expected to become certified in the next two months.


The Sweetwater County CTA program is part of an industry-recognized international certification program developed by the Tourism Ambassador Instituteä. It is multi-faceted and serves to increase tourism by inspiring frontline employees and volunteers to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience. Tourism is an economic driver in Sweetwater County; the CTA program serves to support this.

“Frontline employees and residents that interact with visitors, and potential residents, help support and ensure the success of the local economy. With the CTA program, the Sweetwater County Joint Travel & Tourism board hopes to give frontline employees and volunteers the tools and resources they need to be ambassadors for the great community in which we live and work,” said Jenissa Meredith, Chief Executive Officer of Sweetwater County Joint Travel & Tourism.


Individuals who pass the Sweetwater County CTA program become part of a growing network of dedicated CTAs in the region and will have the opportunity to engage in ongoing learning opportunities, participate in networking events, visit local attractions, and earn CTA credentials to use in their respective careers.

“Becoming a CTA shows the pride that one holds for our beautiful destination and the commitment one has to share that pride with visitors,” said Hannah Putnam, Industry Relations Specialist.

The Sweetwater County CTA program curriculum includes topics such as the history, geography, attractions in Sweetwater County, customer service development, and what it means to be an ambassador.

For more information, please call 307.382.2538.


Sweetwater County Certified Tourism Ambassadors

Kara Andrysiak

Liisa Anselmi Dalton

Chad Banks

Grace Banks

Tanya Barger

Kyler Bartlett

Kelly Battisti

Amanda Benson

Bridget Bernard

Graydon Bingham

Skye Boyd

Trina Brittain

Devon Brubaker

Frances Chavez

Curt Christensen

Tommy Clark

Stacy Colvin

Brianna Cukale

Brandi Dale

Dawn Dale

Eva Dallmann

Lucy Diggins-Wold

Michelle DiTullio

Ian Doak

Samantha Doak

Veronica Donaldson

Katie Duncombe

Rebecca Fagnant

Alyze Farris

Jessica Florencio

Anne-Marie Foster

Benjamin Freeman

Shirley Freeman

Presley Frink

Jessica Fuller

Kaelea Gibson

Chezney Goglio

Torie Green

Tricia Green

Cathy Greene

Kristen Gresham

Jason Grubb

Jasmine Hall

Kaylee Hallett

Lisa Herrera

Heather Hubert

Kaylee hughes

Stacy Jones

Tammy Keifer

Irish Kreis

Darrian Krentz

Elizabeth Langi

Glenn Lansberry, Jr.

JT Larson

Rick Lee

Erika Koshar

Heather Lees

Elena Lozoya

Shae Lux

Mark Lyon

Mary Manatos

Megan McComas

Kenneth McCormack

Linda McGovern

Clint McJunkin

Sandy McJunkin

Jenissa Meredith

Jennifer Messer

Justin Meyer

Josh Milbrandt

Celeste Montoya

Cindy Moore

Michele Moritz

Maria Gatti Mortensen

Amanda Murphy

Tamara Musgrove

Terri Nations

Katie Olsen

Julie Oman

Kandi Pendleton

Jessica Phillips

Hannah Putnam

Gwendolyn Quitberg

Rosa Reyna-Pugh

Irene Richardson

Bailee Roberts

Thelma Robinson

Ashlyn Santhuff

Kyra Seppie

Eve Soldner

Sophie Spicer

Kim Strid

Meg Torgersen

Dominique Torres

Tammy Valdez

Meagan Varley

Mary Vigil

Allison Volcic

Tricia Watkins

Presley Weaver

Peggy Webb