Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center Receives Celebratory Bell Donation

Robin Wellhouse with Cancer Center staff members Eva Wasseen, Casey Christiansen, Alisa Orr, Robin Wellhouse, and Tasha Harris. Photo provided by Memorial Hospital Foundation

To many, it’s just a bell. To those facing strenuous battles with cancer, it’s a rite of passage, a celebration of defeat; and that’s what Robin was looking forward to as she finished her last chemotherapy treatment at the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center. Upon finishing her treatment, the staff that had become family to her celebrated the milestone of beating cancer and presented her with a personalized certificate and congratulatory gift. The only thing missing, a ceremonial bell to ring; inspiring her donation.

Robin presented two bells to the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center, one for the Medical Oncology Department and one for the Radiation Oncology Department.

“Many cancer centers have a bell for patients to ring once they have finished their last treatment to celebrate their journey and I felt that it was important that our local cancer center had one too,” Robin explained when she delivered her donation. “For those who beat cancer, ringing the bell signifies the end of that chapter and for those who are still fighting, it gives them hope that they will get to ring the bell someday,” Robin explained.

Celebratory bell ringing was introduced in the late 1990s and since then, the tradition has spread world-wide as a triumphant moment for both patients as well as their nurses and physicians.

Photo of Robin Wellhouse provided by Memorial Hospital Foundation

“We spend so much time with our patients when they are here for treatment and we really do turn into a family who support each other during hard times. We are so honored that Robin has donated these thoughtful bells for our patients to celebrate beating cancer,” explained Alisa Orr, the Clinical Coordinator for the Medical Oncology Department.  “It really is a special moment when our patients finish their treatment, it’s a win for us all.”

The Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center opened in 2014 and is located in the Medical Office Building at the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.  It is an affiliate of the prestigious Huntsman Cancer Institute and offers a variety of treatments for both chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy.

“What is great about our facility is that we have state-of-the-art equipment and we are partners with the Huntsman Cancer Institute which enables us to collaborate together when providing treatments. But most importantly, patients get to receive treatment at home. They receive the quality of care right here in Sweetwater County that in years past, they’d have to drive to Salt Lake City for” added Tasha Harris, the Cancer Center’s Administrative Director.

The Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is dedicated to providing unmatched healthcare but also dedicated to the patient experience and supporting patient’s needs. Last year, the Memorial Hospital Foundation announced the opening of the Waldner House for patients who travel to receive treatment at the Sweetwater Cancer Regional Center. Since opening, the Waldner House has provided free lodging for more than 10 patients and family members who have traveled to Sweetwater County seeking treatment.

For more information on the Sweetwater Regional Cancer Center or how to get involved with the fight against cancer, visit sweetwatermemorial.com or contact the Memorial Hospital Foundation at 307.352.8234.