Take The Time To Fill Out The Survey


Who all remembers getting that invitation in the mail from the Game and Fish after hunting season last year asking you to fill out the harvest survey? Now how many of you actually filled it out?

Well being an avid outdoorsman I tend to receive quite a few of these. Whether they be about ducks, rabbits, or elk and deer I see quite a few in my mailbox. I also enjoy signing up for as many free wildlife, outdoors, hunting, and fishing newsletters. Now many maybe asking what, if anything a survey has to do with the outdoors?

Well this week I received my regular newsletter from the Game and Fish Department and was quite impressed with an article in the newsletter. The article was entitled “Elk hunting in Wyoming some of the best in the West”, this caught my attention so I decided to read the article.

The article discussed how during the 2016 elk hunting season hunters reported a 44.5% success rate in harvesting elk. This equaled around 25,852 elk that had been harvested among resident and non-resident hunters.

One of the biggest things I enjoyed about the article was the fact that it discussed how the past few years Wyoming’s harvests have been among the most successful in the western states.

For me this was great news because not only does that show that more hunters are getting out in the outdoors, but they are having success. It also shows that Wyoming’s wildlife herds are doing well.

Every time we purchase a hunting licenses we eventually receive a card in the mail inviting us to participate in a harvest survey. I am sure most people throw this card away without giving it any thought, but I would suggest that next time you receive this card to take the five minutes it takes and fill it out. Not only does this help the Game and Fish out but it helps us as outdoorsmen out by letting us know the success rate of our special area.

“I’m Tyler Mann, and I’ll see you on the trail”

A link to the article: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/News/Elk-hunting-in-Wyoming-some-of-the-best-in-the-Wes