Testing Shows No Measles in Sweetwater County


Testing has confirmed that measles was not the cause of illness among three Sweetwater County residents, according to Sweetwater County Public Health.

After preliminary information reported that measles was probable, additional labs were sent to the Wyoming Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These labs showed the illnesses were not measles.

Measles is rare in Wyoming. According to the Wyoming Department of Health, there has not been a reported case of measles in Wyoming since 2010.Vaccinatios are effective in preventing measles transmission. In Sweetwater County, greater than 95% of children in schools are immunized.

In countries where measles vaccine largely prevents measles, most causes of rash and fever are caused by other viral illnesses, according to Sweetwater Public Health.

More information about measles is available from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at https://cdc.gov/measles/indez.html.

Anyone with questions about measles and protection from measles is advised to ask a medical professional.