The joys of living in Rock Springs



Carrie McGrath, [email protected]

Oh, the wonders of living in Rock Springs!

I opened my blinds and found this group of hooligans making sure that the grass is as they left it. They come around and trim my rose bushes free of charge every two weeks when they are in bloom.


They must think I have no idea the proper way to trim roses. I have never got to do this job since they started trimming my roses for me. Roses there one minute, gone the next. The grass at this point in the season must be perfect as they have been back several times at their convenience to move the snow and have a snack.

I’m sure they think that I am falling behind in this area also. This must be the best grass in the whole lawn since it’s the only spot that they move the snow for their snack.

Then, of course, I have the neighborhood tease by the name of Mr. Squirrel that seems to think the greatest thing is to tease my dog Sam. I’m pretty sure that he is really cussing me out for my neglect since I forgot to fill the feeder box with only peanuts.

So, he has decided to get even with me by teasing Sam. Even though Sam is willing to share his favorite football it seems to be totally beneath Mr. Squirrel to come down off the power line to play with the football. This does not stop Sam from trying. The outcome is always the same. He does his special squirrel yell and runs to the power poll and climbs to the top, all the while Sam is still trying to share his football.

Then, one day, I get the feeling that I am being watched.



You know the feeling. When all the hair on the back of your neck is standing on end, you look around and see nothing but still have the feeling you are being watched.

I could not seem to shake the feeling of being watched. It took several tries, but because to my persistent detective work, I found the peeping toms – or should I say the peeping owls?

They watched every morning to make sure I was doing exactly what they thought that I should be doing, which was not climbing their tree or climbing a ladder to get a closer look and peep back at them.

I do have to say that I enjoy all of the wildlife that comes to visit with me. They don’t seem to notice that things have not been the same this year for me or any of us. I thank them every time I see them for the joy that they bring me. They truly are a wonderful gift.

I hope that you all get a little joy by my sharing of my neighborhood hooligans, Mr. Squirrel and peeping owls. Hope that your days are wonderful and bright.

Only in Rock Springs are we so lucky to have and share these wonderful critters.